Portable Trimmer

Portable Trimmer

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The Portable Trimmer is the easiest and fastest way to remove leaves from your dry product, just shake it and rotate it a few times.

Why use the Portable Trimmer?

  • What you could trim in hours now you can in just minutes
  • No moving or perishable blade 
  • Lightweight design, easy to pack down and store away
  • Value for money

Dos and Don'ts  
With this trimmer only use well dried product .

Avoid using products that are even slightly damp or fluffy.

How to use it

Place your dried material inside the main large compartment and zip it up.

Rotate the trimmer clockwise and counter-clockwise in quick succession causes friction and for the trimming to take place.

The buds stay in the larger container while the leaf matter filters down through a sieve-like filter.