March : Glassblower of the month : HELIOX Glass

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March : Glassblower of the month : HELIOX Glass

Before he started melting and blowing glass himself, Heliox had been collecting pipes and woking as a jewelry maker in Cadiz, south of Spain.


While in search of different artistic fields, he attended beginner glassblowing classes in late 2013 and, soon after, it became obvious that he had a natural talent for the craft.


In 2014 Heliox entered the Flame Off competition and took the audience by storm.


He won the 3rd place in the Judges' Choice and the 1st place in the People’s Choice categories.


The next year, he took home the second place in the People's Choice category to come back stronger than ever and win the 4th European Functional Flame Off.


Last year during the 6th EFFO he managed to bring home 2nd place Judges and people's choice .