February GlassBlower of the month : DOK GLass

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February GlassBlower of the month  : DOK GLass

Martin Jones, better know as Dok Glass, is one of Uk's best glassblowers, he has been melting glass for nearly 20 years now.

He started his apprenticeship in 2001 in a large scientific glass factory and worked there until 2007 when he then moved to a smaller company in Essex making large reaction systems and worked there for 6 years. In all these years he gained an extensive knowledge of the craft and glass that reflects in each and every single piece he creates with extreme precision.


In 2013 after winning the 1st EFFO, Dok decided to quit his job and become a full time pipe maker. He started attending classes to expand his potential and skills and has been improving his techniques ever since. Years of practice and full devotion to work gained him a worldwide recognition as one of the best European Glassblowers.


Dok has claimed a place on the podium every time he entered the European Functional Flame Off: 2nd place in the second, third and fourth EFFO and 1st place in the first and fifth EFFO. Winning the competition twice allowed him to be the first European Judge in the EFFO history.


"I've been a self employed piper for 5 years now. For the first 13 years of my career I worked in 2 buildings. Since I've made pipes I've worked in 6 different countries"